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Directors: Hindi 4

M.S. Sathyu is a film director and art director. Starting as a freelancer animator in 1952, he joined Chetan Anand as an Assistant Director for the film Haqueeqat. He went on to make many documentaries and films in Hindi, Kannada and Urdu. He is best known for his 1973 film Garm Hava.

Born: July 6, 1930 Films: Garm Hava, Ijjodu, Kotta, Ghalige, Bara, Kanneshwara Rama, Chithegu Chinthe, Ek Tha Chotu Ek Tha Motu

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Directors: Hindi 4

Govind Nihlani is a noted Indian Film director, cinematographer, screenwriter and film producer. He has been directing Hindi films since the late seventies, and has also created works for the television.

Born: December 19, 1940, Karachi, Pakistan Films: Ardh Satya, Tamas, Party, Aakrosh, Drohkaal, Vijeta, Hazaar Chaurasi ki Maa

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Directors: Hindi 4

Avtar Krishna Kaul was a film director who made the Hindi Film 27 Down (1974). It was his only film before he died in a tragic incident in 1974.

Born: 1939 Died: 1974 Films: 27 Down

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